Permie Punk Profile: Van Jones

Van Jones remains as one of the most eloquent, honest, and influential people working at the nexus of environmental and social justice.  Van is a personal hero of mine and his social philosophy is very akin to the ideas driving the liberation permaculture movement to which I subscribe.

Green Punk Profile: Van Jones


green punk profile

green punk profile

A true revolutionary

Green is all colors

Green the ghetto first!

During Earth Week  2008 I attended the Ecocity World Summit in San Fransico.  The summit had so much  to offer and appreciate,  lots of vision, lots of ideas, lots of good people working very hard, but honestly it lack something, it lacked Van Jones, and the new kind of radical leadership he represents.  He is one of the few folks in US green activism to stand up directly to what I call eco-classissm and solidly make the link between the enviromental and social.  This man is my hero and I hope to work with one of his organizations in the near future.  

For other good Van Jones links see this recent Newyorker artical and Van Jones’s Concious Choice article and the work he’s involved with below.