Gaia Punks in Costa Rica II

A little Providence….

Cob Building with Sun Ray Kelly!

Just 4 days before I left for Costa Rica I casually picked up a book at my favorite local bookstore (Last Word Books) and as is my habit started flipping through it.  This book was entitled                          

Sun Ray Kelly

Sun Ray Kelly


Builders of the Pacific Coast      

It featured some of the most amazing natural building I had ever seen.  The work of Sun Ray apprentice of  fammed cob master Ianto Evans was esspecially amazing and I wished that I would have the opportunity to learn from such a inspiring artisan, architect, and craftsman, but then Icyni saddly thought fat chance of that happening.  Little did I know that my wish would be granted half way through my permaculture design course at True Nature Community when one evening I was walking up to the balcone and there, as if by divine providence, was a smiling and radiant Sun Ray.  Later our class was able to pitch in on amazing spiral temple/house cob dome project in the La Florida area.  Here are some pics and a short video (forgive the feet filming)….

Cob templecob temple










gaia punks

bamboo framing

cob goddess











Radical Community Profile: ESCANDA

Sprouting Seeds of Community

Sprouting Seeds of Community

Lets get our

hearts together

and regenerate

the land.







 In partnership with Blooming in Space a new radical permaculture communities and resource blog punk rock permaculture e-zine wll feature profiles of radical autonomus communites from all over the world.

Escanda is a radical autonomous community in the beautiful foothills of Spain.  The community is involve with many local and international education projects on a variety of subjects including radical organizing and campaigning, permaculture, and renewable energy.  They are very open to visiters who love to work and skill share with in a wonderful ecological community setting.


la pura vida en escanda

la pura vida en escanda

All about sustainable aquaculture

At the living edge…

Permaculturist work with both the land and water, oh and the sun and wind too, but lets just look at some neat water stuff today. Sustainable aquaculture is a great way to increase biodiversity and beneficial relationships with in a landscape. Here is a great film to watch with permaculture farmer Sepp Holzer who created more than 70 ponds and wetland areas covering about 3 hectares on a Austrian mountain no less.

and here is a little film detailing the possibility for urban aquaculture!


For further exploration Tool-kit for Sustainable City Living is also a great resource for DIY urban aquaculture and aquaponics techniques.

capitalism is a giant Ponzi Scheme!


clearly it’s true.

            —Don’t let the cute smile fool ya

                 BE WARNED!— because

Carlo Ponzi --"a truely American Story"


is a giant Ponzi Scheme!

I know that if you’re like me then the very, very, last thing you want to read about in these times is anything with the taglines: fiance, corruption, negligence, scheming, losses, or economic gloom and collapse.  No these things are not very fun or funny (okay sometimes they’re funny.)  But, thinking about alternatives  is essential.  Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of research on permaculture economics, finance, and theory.  I’ve found lots of good work out there in the noosphere.  Today though I was laughing a bit at the antics of Carlo Ponzi of the imfamous Ponzi Scheme fame the predecessor of the Madoff Scheme that the already broken banking and fiance industry is currently freaking out about.   It is a wonderful aspect of  life that criminals can teach you almost as much wisdom as saints, and if you know how to learn your lessons from their mistakes they might even teach you more.  

It seems some people have a hard time learning lessoons.  So what if the whole of global economy we’re to come unraveled in on ultra Ponzi Scheme?  Unfortunately, as many of you know, it very well could; that is if people we’re to simply stop buying government backed bonds in the current precarity.  Well, “precarious times call for precarious minds”, or as I like to call them the “carefully minded”.

.A do-it-Ourselves Guide  I just started tearing intoToolbox for Sustainable City Living  by Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew  cofounders of the Rhizome Collective in Austin TX   who are definitely of the carefully minded sort.  Along with great knowledge and methods the awesome illustrations in this book are done by my good friend Juan Martinez, also from Austin TX, a member mutant bike collective, and the amazingly prolific Beehive Design Collective based in Maine.  

Lets just say I love this BOOK!!!  This is one of my most favorite Permaculture books to date!! Go get it  because it’s only ten bucks online!  We need more books like this and more folks doing applied urban permaculture work in the cities! 

Permie Punx Unite!