The Hail Seizures new album review and 3 country tour!

For the Ruin…

back cover

Just when you thought they had their last transmission (big pun) my best friends in the Hail Seizures from my homebase in Olympia, Wa just released a new album and are about to embark on a epic 3 country tour!  Folk punk fusion bands such as The Hail Seizures, Blackbird Raum, Black Oak, and others constitute a type of gritty acoustic blend that I believe is best described as “hard wood music”.   If you hear the lyrics of these guys you’ll find a deep ecological awareness, a bit of rage, but a light hearted joyfulness as well.  Some possible joyful influences may be that every member is a avid gardener, defends the heart of their community, cares about community oriented art, and knows the true meaning of solidarity and friendship.  Honestly, you need to see these folks live to really appreciate the authenticity of their sound which is why you should catch them on tour this July and August.  Here is my official review:

If someone were to take a big rusty chainsaw,stick it in your ear, and then light that shit on fire while it was still running like it was No Bigggie™, it wouldn’t even compare to the shear exquisite rawness and intricate passion of this album.  Wicked fuckin’ awesome good, great job friends!

the folk life is a good life

gaia punk here:

So it looks like this weekend I’ll be heading to Portland, OR to the City Repair Village Building Convergence.   City Repair is a excellent US organization that does a mighty ammount of community development focusing on using art, natural building, and permaculture techniques, check them out.   I recently spent the weekend in Seattle for Folklife below you can see a bit of my friends the hail seizures rocking it acoustic style …