One week left to support the first Open Source Urban Permaculture E-book

By: @gaiapunk
Punk Rock Permaculture E-zine has joined forces with  Permaculture Media Blog and Permaculture Directory  to bring to the world a first of it’s kind Urban Permaculture E-book.  This will be the first book about using principles of permaculture design in urban areas! Open Permaculture project is seeking funding to build the movement to save the ecosystems we depend on for survival, and ultimately humanity. This issue is too big to tackle from a garage. We need your help. Inside you will find DIY tips that can be applied in your flat, tiny backyard, rooftop or community garden, including topics like:
  • Indoor and Balcony Gardening – Permaculture Style 
  • Tree Crops and Edible Forests 
  • Guerilla Gardening 
  • Community Supported Agriculture 
  • Mushroom log cultivation 
  • Composting and Vermi-composting 
  • Rainwater collection 
  • Micro-livestock
  • Wind and Solar Energy 
  • Transportation 
  • …and much More! 
This FREE eBook will also include interviews with founders of successful Urban Permaculture projects and a comprehensive list of FREE online educational resources.
We have one week left in out crowdfunding campaign via IndieGOGO to the cover the project’s start up costs so please help get the word out.

Who is behind this project?

Sophia Novack – passionate permaculture geek and environmental activist. I’m studying in Prague, Czech Republic, but spend most of my time travelling and editing Permaculture Media Blog and Permaculture Directory. If you have any questions, you can contact me at (a) gmail (dot) com or via my social media accounts: Facebook,Google+Permaculture Media Blog and Permaculture Directory have achieved a great amount of good with very little so far. Now we need to change the world in a huge way, and we need your financial support to do so.
Evan Schoepke -AKA @gaiapunk is the editor of Punk Rock Permaculture E-book.  He has worked on sustainable multi media with such fine outfits as Permaculture Magazine, and  He lives in wonderful Olympia, WA and works locally doing freelance Permaculture and graphic design as well as being the assistant director of the South Sound Buy Local Campaign with Sustainable South Sound.  On a typical saturday you may find him digging a garden, picking nettles, pruning fruit trees in a guerilla garden.


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Permaculture Directory is a FREE listing site for sustainable-living events from all over the world. Over 1300 events are listed, which have helped thousands of people to find life changing courses, workshops and festivals.

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10. Handmade natural bag with colourful ornaments
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11. Custom Open Permaculture T-shirt! Book: The Quarter-Acre Farm: How I Kept the Patio, Lost the Lawn, and Fed My Family for a Year – Full of tips and recipes to help anyone interested in growing and preparing at least a small part of their diet at home, The Quarter-Acre Farm is a warm, witty tale about family, food, and the incredible gratification that accompanies self-sufficiency. TheQuarter-Acre Farm is Warren’s account of deciding—despite all resistance—to take control of her family’s food choices, get her hands dirty, and create a garden in her suburban yard. It’s a story of bugs, worms, rot, and failure; of learning, replanting, harvesting, and eating.

13. Anima Mundi DVD – a new documentary on Permaculture, the Gaia theory, Peak Oil survival and Climate Change (man-made or not).

14. Handmade Thankful Hearth

15. Your own tree in The Wolf Private Nature Reserve in Slovakia! We will send you (or a person of your choice) a thank you letter with a sticker and a certificate of symbolic ownership, along with printed photos from the reservation.

16. You can support Guerrilla Gardening events in Eastern Europe! This spring, edible trees and beautiful flowers will be planted in your name. You will receive a photo report and documentation of each event.

What is Permaculture?
Permaculture is an approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that is modelled on the relationships found in nature. The word “permaculture” originally referred to “permanent agriculture”, but was expanded to also stand for “permanent culture” as it was seen that social aspects were integral to a truly sustainable system.

Permaculture draws from several other disciplines including organic farming, agro-forestry, sustainable development, and applied ecology. “The primary agenda of the movement has been to assist people to become more self reliant through the design and development of productive and sustainable gardens and farms. The design principles which are the conceptual foundation of permaculture were derived from the science of systems ecology and study of pre-industrial examples of sustainable land use.”

For further reading and watching, please visit these resources:

Other Ways You Can Help

If you want to help but can’t afford to contribute, that’s fine! There are things you can do that may be even more important. For example, click on the heart button below the video, (so that I know you like it, and I can communicate with you) and use the other buttons to share it on Facebook or via email, word of mouth, or any other way you can get the word out to people who you think might be interested.Writing a short personal note to a few key people is the absolute best approach (far better than sending it as a forward to thousands of people). It is also really helpful, when you post it on Facebook, if you say why you support this, and suggest that people actually watch the video. Passing it along via word of mouth and personal messages rather than just “liking” something helps us all maintain our human dignity. Keeping our communication human and personal is one of the most important things we can do in the world right now. Thank you for keeping that tradition alive as you share this.

Video credits:
Music by David Griswold
Animation by Oz J Thoma

Permacorps and Haiti by the numbers

My instructor Scott Pittman of the US permaculture Institute on the need for a Permcorps from

Gaia punk here,

Top of the evening to everyone,
What I’ve taken to calling a “Permacorps” mission for the long term recovery of Haiti is slowly mounting.  I’ve received dozens of emails from some very qualified folks from around the globe asking how they can help plug in.  In a day or two there will be a project posting entitled “Permaculture Relief Corps” on, which is a popular crowdfunding site.  If anyone has any info related to this idea please share so that we can better coordinate our efforts.  Honestly, I’m a bit surprised by the lack of discussion some of the better known permie sites.  But, I’m not at all discouraged, because I know that what I do see on the net is just a very small sliver of what is actually going on.   What I’m trying to say is that I would like to see more of that discussion.  If anyone can contact people from the Permaculture First Responders course that would very helpful too.  There are two google docs spreadsheet I can share with folks to add regional contacts.  In a week or so it seems a skype conference call is in order to further coordinate stateside efforts. Currently, various permaculture groups working in Haiti and elsewhere are being contacted for their opinions and so far ORE in Haiti has been very supportive of this idea.
Thank you all for your awesome work,                                                                                                                       [tweetmeme]
Here are approximated numbers on the situation currently from the Huffington Post…
People in Haiti needing help: 3 million. Bodies collected for disposal so far: 9,000. Number of people being fed daily by the United Nation’s World Food Program: only 8,000.
The numbers behind the outpouring of earthquake assistance are giant. But they are dwarfed by the statistics indicating the scope of the disaster in Haiti, the number of victims and their deep poverty.
“The level of need is going to be significantly higher” than many previous disasters, said Dr. Michael VanRooyen, director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.
Here are some numbers, with the proviso that figures are estimates that are constantly changing.
Current death estimates: The Red Cross says 45,000 to 50,000 people have died. The Pan American Health Organization puts the number between 50,000 and 100,000 and Rueters news has 100,000 to 200,000 possibly dead or missing
Bodies collected for disposal so far: 9,000. An additional 7,000 corpses were reportedly placed
in a mass grave.
Percent of buildings damaged or destroyed: Up to 50 percent.
Hospitals or health facilities in Haiti damaged, forced to close: eight.
Patients treated by Doctors Without Borders initially: more than 1,500.
Search-and-rescue teams on ground or en route Friday: 38.
Homeless people in Port-au-Prince: at least 300,000.
Water needed daily: 6 to 12 million gallons (enough to fill 18 Olympic sized swimming pools a day).
Kate Conradt, chief spokeswoman for Save the Children, said that the challenge ahead cannot be overcome in a few days or weeks. “This is a long-term disaster,” she said in a telephone interview from Port-au-Prince.
Helping Haiti “is going to take far more than we ever could imagine,” VanRooyen said.
So in response, the world has opened its wallets.
United Nations Emergency appeal for aid: $550 million.
United States pledge of aid: $100 million. (some of this may be in the form of a IMF loan)
European Commission’s initial spending: 3 million Euros.
Total pledge of aid by governments around world: $400 million.
Number of governments that have sent aid so far: more than 20.
International Red Cross’ initial emergency appeal goal: $10 million.
Amount of money raised by Save The Children: $7 million.
Amount of money pledged by George Soros: $4 million.
Amount raised by Wyclef Jean’s Yele 10 million
Amount of money raised by the Salvation Army and some other charities: more than $3 million.
Number of people being fed daily by U.N.’s World Food Program: only 8,000.
Number of people a day WFP hopes to feed within 15 days: 1 million.
Number of people a day WFP hopes to feed within one month: 2 million!
Amount of food salvaged by WFP in damaged Haitian warehouse being distributed: 6,000 tons (out of a total of 15,000 tons stored before the earthquake).
Meals prepared and freeze dried by the Salvation Army in Kansas and Iowa to ship to Haiti: 1.28 million, weighing nearly 200,000 pounds.
Number of trucks carrying bottled water being trucked in from neighboring Dominican Republic: 13.
UNICEF initial shipment of rehydration liquids, water-purification tables, hygiene kits and tents: enough for only 10,000 people.
Size of Doctors Without Borders initial relief package: 25 tons.
International Red Cross pre-positioned relief supplies:only enough for 3,000 families.
Plane of Red Cross supplies sent Thursday: 40 tons.
Body bags sent by Red Cross on Thursday: 3,000.
“We are seeing overwhelming need within the city and increasingly desperate conditions,” Conradt said. “We visited two camps today with 5,000 people and only four latrines total. We were told that the number of people there doubles at night, but during the day they are looking out for food, water and family members.”
Camps like that are all over Port-au-Prince.
And this is a country that before Tuesday’s earthquake was the poorest in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest worldwide. More than half of Haiti’s 10 million people live on less than $1 a day, even before the earthquake, according to the United Nation’s World Food Program. The World Bank said the average Haitian lives on just $1,180 a year.
Nearly half of Haiti’s population is hungry and only half had access to safe drinking water before the earthquake, according to the World Food Program. Nearly 60 percent of Haiti’s children under 5 are anemic.
Americans in Haiti when earthquake struck: 45,000.
Number of Americans evacuated from Haiti: 846.
Number of Americans confirmed dead: six.
Number of Canadians dead: four.
Number of United Nations workers in Haiti when earthquake struck: 12,000.
Number of UN workers confirmed dead: 37.
Number of UN workers missing: 330.
Number of Dominicans dead: six.
Number of Brazilians dead: 15.
Number of Europeans dead: six.
Number of staffers of Christian humanitarian agency World Vision: 370.
U.S. troops there to help or possibly on their way: 10,000.
Haitian Red Cross volunteers: 1,700.
This report was compiled by Associated Press writers Seth Borenstein in Washington and Frank Jordans in Geneva. Edith Lederer at the United Nations in New York contributed.
SOURCES: The Associated Press, United Nations, U.S. State Department, European Commission, International Red Cross, Save The Children, Salvation Army, other charities.

Dirt the Movie!

Vandana Shiva

I’m really excited to see this film and debute it in my community.  It has a great cast of main characters:

Jamie Lee CurtisBill Logan Andy Lipkis Vandana Shiva Wangari Maathai Wes JacksonSebastiao SalgadoLelia Deluiz Wanick Salgado Paul StametsMiguel AltieriPierre RabhiDavid OrrMajora CarterJames JilerFritjof CapraPeter Girguis |Alice WatersGary VaynerchukJanine BenyusJohn Todd

but it also stars my most favorite environmental super-celebrity DIRT!       [tweetmeme]

Cities designed around local food

urban farm

Good day to you from Gaiapunk,

It is official Punk Rock Permaculture e-zine and are teaming up for a new permaculture media worker co-op that you can be a part of.  This media co-op will cover:

  • Permaculture Development, Techniques, People around the planet.
  • The merging of the open source technology, cooperative, transition towns, permaculture movements and more!
  • Radical permaculture and farmer movements in the 2/3rds (developing) world.
  • Ecocity ideas that will make a real difference in the next decade.

If your interested in these topics or others  and would like to learn more please contact with the subject line “media co-op”.

Now please enjoy this awesome TED talk by Carolyn Steel on how local food is intrinsic to the design, function, and success of cities past, present, and future.

Ingenio “Patent” Campus?

Hello lovely Permies,

Due to my posting of the entire Permaculture Designers Manual , commonly known as the permaculture bible, I received a swift take down notice from Tagari Publications and Scribd which I respectfully followed.  It is my opinion that this book is so important that it should be made  completely free on all the myriad internets.  We’re living in a time of extreme ecological and social crisis and the tools needed to fix the crises must be made available to everyone not just those with the economic  privilege to afford them.  Please see the letters below and also please comment if you think the designers manual should be liberated onto the internet.  I feel this debate gets at the very heart of the permaculture ethic of “fair share” and  I will post any further correspondence with Tagari here and elsewhere.

Join the campaign by tweeting for the liberation of the permaculture manual on twitter @gaiapunk #permieliberation




My first letter from Tagari:

ATTENTION: Evan Schoepke

Pursuant to 17 USC 512(c)(3)(A), this communication serves as a statement that:

I am the exclusive rights holder (being the Publisher) for the book titled: Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual written by Bill Mollison.
ISBN 0 908228 01 5 and first published in Australia in 1988 and reprinted in 2004, 2009 by Tagari Publications, Australia.

These exclusive rights are being violated by material that has been available upon your site at the following URL(s): and
I have a good faith belief that the use of this material in such a fashion is not authorized by the copyright holder, the copyright holder’s agent, or the law;

Under penalty of perjury in a United States court of law, I state that the information contained in this notification is accurate, and that I am authorized to act on the behalf of the exclusive rights holder for the material in question.

I may be contacted by the following methods:
Phone: (Aus) 61 + 3 6445 0945
Fax: 61 + 3 6445 0944
Address: 31 Rulla Road, Sisters Creek, Tasmania, 7325, Australia

I hereby request that you remove or disable access to this material now and in the future as it appears on your service in as expedient a fashion as possible. Thank you.

Lisa Mollison

My reply:

permaculture logo

Okay Tagari,

the book is gone,
I have lost the battle,

however I do know of other places you could find it online for free.  As a practicing certified urban permaculturalist I believe this event brings up a interesting philosophical debate.  This book is the permaculture bible and I know that Tagari publishers is sole legal guardian of it’s legacy.  In fact I love Tagari, and everything it stands for, what it’s doing with the money it earns, all of it. But, I still think the book should be released onto the internets for free!  Why? Well, because if there is anything Bill has shown me it is that we definately don’t have the gaurentee of permanence to solve the ecological and social crisis that we are facing.  I feel that perhaps I come from a new and starkly different generation that believes in a type of movement building that allows for the funding of projects by lots of people paying a small amount instead of a few privileged folks paying a lot of money.  I would really love to read Bill’s book on fermentation, supposedly his best work, but it’s also very expensive.  I’m not saying Tagari should let go of all it’s copyrights but I am asking if the time has come for the designers manual to be liberated, what do you think?  Someday I’m sure the designers manual will be available free in the public commons and that could make a very large impact, lets hope that day does not come too late.  Will the field continue to lie open to every intellect (ingenio patet campus) regardless of income?  I’m interested in your response and wish the very best with all the amazing and inspiring work your doing now and in the future.
With the greatest respect for Bill, Lisa, Tagari, and the entire global permaculture network,
Have a fair share day!,
Evan C. Schoepke
Gaia Punk Designs
713 Division ST
Olympia WA, USA
A new reply to my letter of  Nov 10th

Hi Evan

Thank you for your response and we appreciate you removing the book from the internet. We know there are several versions available free and we are trying to get them removed. If you would like to direct us to the free books that you know of then this would be of great assistance to us.

In regards to your questions about making the book free of charge – All end of year profits from the sales of Tagari Publications books go to the Permaculture Institute which in-turn assists several organisations that have limited funds, knowledge and resources. Bill Mollison and the Permaculture Institute have worked tirelessly with many organisations over the years and regularly donates funds and books to people who have limited resources, so if the book was available free then this would drastically effect this assistance plus the future of any sales, re-prints and new material written by Bill.

We try to keep the costs of all our books to a minimum but there are costs associated with printing, publishing and distributing our titles, and if the books don’t generate any income I’m sure you could foresee the outcome for Tagari Publications and the Permaculture Institute.

Bill Mollison is now 82 years old, he still writes, teaches and supports many organisations. Bill has dedicated much of his life to this cause and is a valuable entity to all involved, but without finances Bill would not be able to continue with his teaching, writing and community assistance.

Tagari Publications will be re-printing The Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition in the next few months (due to sales of our other titles). Current stocks are limited or nil throughout the world  and therefore book stores and second hand dealers plus private owners have realised its value and increased the price significantly. When Tagari Publications have new stock we will be selling the book for approx. $46.00 AUS.

Thank you again for your response and please view our website in the near future for information regarding our stocks of Ferment and Human Nutrition.

My new response:

Dear Tagari,

On behalf Punk Rock Permaculture thank you for quickly replying to my letter.  I agree that Bill, Tagari, and the entire Permaculture Institute need and deserve as much revenue and funding as possible.  I also thank Tagari for all the desperately needed work it’s doing to make permaculture accessible to the developing world and many low income folks.  It is exactly because of my desire to see a fruitful and prosperous permaculture network and thus a fruitful and prosperous Tagari that I whole-heartedly disagree completely and respectfully in regards to your previous letter.  I feel Tagari would sell many more books once the manual could be made easily accessible in many languages.  I can see that Tagari is in a position to keep to business as usual.  Unfortunately, (and perhaps fortunately) the world is not!  Please see this video of famed blogger, and post scarcity guru,  Cory Doctorow on why being open pays.  I will continue to work and advocate for the release (or re-release) of the designers manual onto the net simply because I also ardently believe in earth care, people care, and fair share and I know permaculture is set of ideas whose time has come.  Sometimes progress looks punk…
P.S. I look forward to reading Ferment and Human Nutrition at a affordable price, again thank you very much and keep up the awesome work.
Cory Doctorow being introduced by the founder of Ibiblio which hosts the international permaculture network list serve..

Open Source Ecology!

open source ecology

evolve to freedom!!

The liberation mutation…

Thanks to 100 Sommerville for inspiring this post:

I want to share with you all a very interesting project born from the grasslands of Kansas but sweeping the globe.

 Open Source Ecology 

is exporting sustainable,  appropriate, and farm based technology in order to create a replicable model for community sufficient ecovillages all around the globe.  Please help them spread the  word,  gather knowledge and resources, and network, by checking out there blog, wiki, and the Factor E Farm itself.