from @gaiapunk: Today in a effort to add more music to this site I’m writing about my awesome friends Jeff and Camille from good ole’ Olympia, WA (AKA the greatest town EVER) who just made record of the week in Maximum Rock & Roll with their band SHARKPACT!  Both members of the band love gardens, animals, and all sorts of other rad shit 🙂  Jeff’s sister Mary did the amazing art work which blends imagery of my hometown Livingston MT with my adopted town of Olympia, WA Check it out…

From Maximum rock’n’roll Record of the Week: SHARKPACT Ditches LP

After doing reviewing records for a long time, you start to notice there are very few bands doing something completely original. Or even modestly original. Most bands create music that reflects (at times shamelessly) the music that inspires them. And that’s great, that’s fine. No problem. But every once in a great while you come across a band like SHARKPACT who create music utterly unlike anything you’ve been hearing. And that’s something extraordinary. But this album isn’t just original; it’s also really really fucking good. My attempts to describe the music are going to sound awful, so you’ll have to trust me on this one. The band is just two folks; one on the drums, the other on keyboard, both singing. And what comes out is like a mutant combination of goth and heartfelt pop punk. Wait, wait don’t stop reading, I swear this is awesome! The synthesizer has a late ’80s goth vibe while the drumming has a WARSAW-era JOY DIVISION on meth approach. But then add ONE REASON style vocal harmonies. Heartfelt, urgent, unrelenting. This album is record of the month, for sure. (Rumbletowne Records)

good video but with unfortunately poor sound below (the album sounds amazing):



This is perhaps the best punk documentary ever made!

I just stayed up until six AM in the mornig watching a amazing documentary called Afropunk and I’m amazed I hadn’t seen it sooner .  This film is a documentary about black punk culture, but it also much more than that!  Every minute of this film is to me a beautiful and important revelation full of personal and societal insight.  It documents a piece of punk and cultural history that has never been mising, but has never until now really been given the true attention, respect, and reverence, it deserves up until now.  Watching this film made me happy once again to claim punk as a unique piece of my diverse individuality.  Embracing uniqueness and diversity is the spirit of film, the spirit of punk, and also the spirit of permacutlture.  So in that spirit it is with great joy that I present to you below strait from the excellent director James Spooner Afropunk.   This film deserves recognition so please help share the spirit of this film with your friends, organize showings, invite the director to your school or organization to talk,  help him fund his next film, or overall just be supportive by telling folks about it and how it made you think and feel!

For more info see the awesome new Afropunk (the music and culture festival phenomenon) page