Free Permaculture Resources

Spread your rhizomes!

Punk Rock Permaculture e-zine believes that the free sharing of knowledge and the collaborative energy that ensues from reciprocal exchange is the key to the regeneration of the biosphere and to a healthy society.  If we find free permaculture pdf’s we we tend to promote them in the theory that in the end this will be to the authors benefit, as well as, to the movement and the earth as whole.  If you know how to use bit torrent file sharing clients you can find many permaculture torrent resources here and elsewhere. Please enjoy a small sampling of our free scribd ebook collection below and be sure to check out our twitter feed @permiejobs on right side of our home page for various permaculture jobs, internships and other opportunities (currently a bit US centric but soon to be international).

2 thoughts on “Free Permaculture Resources

  1. Awesome Evan- wish I’d found this sooner.

    WOuld you be willing to cross-post some of these to the wiki?

    What was your other site the focused on permaculture aid?



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