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This zine’s digital upkeep is currently supported by the modest income of funds received through flattr clicks, through a tiny percentage sales of Permaculture related material offered at our Amazon Affiliates store, and from items bought at our Shoply store.

We will be periodically adding some interesting featured items from friends to this store page.  If you have something you think we should feature email thejulianeffect(at)gmail.com with subject “prp e-zine store”………..

Featured Items

Hail Seizures - For the Ruin CD
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Price: $12.00
Availability: In Stock
Author: Hail Seizures
Publisher: Black Powder Press
Average Rating: mad wizard


Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative
Firebrands:Portraits from the Americas

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You can purchase Dirt the Movie here.

2 thoughts on “Our Little Store

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  2. Hey – We wanted to let you know about the upcoming publication of our book, Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living. It’s a solid how-to and why-to for the urban homesteading movement, the first of its kind to privilege permaculture as the design tool for the 21st century.

    Authors are lapsed performance and puppetry artists turned homesteaders who root back into the punk aesthetic.

    There’s been recent trademark disputes over the phrase “urban homesteading” — someone’s trying to own a practice which belongs to us all. This book comes out in the midst of this legal battle–as if we were not going to publish because of a cease-and-desist letter from some corporate homesteaders.

    We want your readers to know about the book. Head to the website to learn more about it and to order direct.


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