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This page is dedicated to music that I (@gaiapunk the editor) like a whole lot.  The majority of the bands will be local to Olympia, WA or the west coast of the USA and most will have something related to ecology in their music.  If you have something I might like then  send it to me and it’s likely that perhaps I’ll post it too 🙂  Included on this page are links to bit torrents where you can get music quick, convenient, and FREE!  If you would like to give back to the bands go to their shows, donate, buy their swag, buy their pressed vinyls and cassettes, contribute through Flattr, write some nice words about them on the internet, give them a high five,  send them some beer,  and most importantly share their music all over.

1st up,

The Hail Seizures!

These folks are my best friends and my favorite band what a great combo!

Check out their music here and say hi to them and get their latest jams here.

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