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If you’re a regular visitor to this blog you’ll soon see Flattr buttons on every single piece of original content on this site.  Flattr is a great way for online content producers to both generate and share revenue.  In order to find out what Flattr is all about, why it’s awesome, and how it could work our for you, just read this article and watch the excellent explanation video below…..

I’ve also announced a twitter drive to get Flattr to 500,000 users by the end of this year!  We can  do it, content creators united!


One thought on “About Flattr

  1. I have an interest in the Bamboo yurt house you show on this web site , could you please keep in contact with me . I to want to start an idea that has to do with changing the world. I live here in Hawii . I have been studying Chinese Medicine for several years and just a few months ago became a LMT a massage therapist . But my big goal is to start an organization of natural people who work for the better of the Earth and the health of people , teach people how to be part of taking care of the earth and preventing disease .
    I will in the coming years will have a web site of my own , talking about my project . I want to build yurts on a piece of land and grow my food and make my own power to power my yurt . I really love to see people who care about Gods planet , we need to stand up and take charge .
    Thanks for your web site Patrick McCelvey


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