A two piece punk group named Permaculture from Boston

Came across this two piece band with an innovative style in the spirit of Crass called “Permaculture” from Boston, MA. I don’t thing still jam together but it’s good stuff. It looks like the singer Jen Mace joined the awesome AUS based NERVOUS TREND and Ryan Abbott is still playing and recording punks in Boston.


Radical Mycology Book Launch Event in #Portland ,OR this Saturday #Permaculture #PDX

http://www.chthaeus.com/product-p/b-rmp.htmFrom my good friend Peter of the Radical Mycology collective:
The spores are in the wind!

We are excited and honored to announce that the Radical Mycology Book is now available for sale at the publishers website www.chthaeus.com! At the link you can find sections samples to get a taste of some of the book’s topics.

After two long years in the works, this nearly 700-page text is a one stop reference for diving deep into the world of fungal biology, ecology, cultural influences, cultivation, remediation, and a lot more. We are thrilled with how it came out. To celebrate the release, all book purchases for the next 3 days are discounted and also include a free 16.6×17.25″ 3 color (red, black, and metallic gold) poster of the book’s cover.

Also, this Saturday we are celebrating in Portland at TaborSpace (5441 SE Belmont St). If you can’t make it out to the live event, you can watch via livestream here: http://bit.ly/rmbooksteam. We hope you can make it in some form.

For the fungi!
The Radical Mycology Collective

Radical #Mycology Announces the Mycelial Network & Unique Course Offering With a #Permculture Influence in #PDX

Radical Mycology - Recomposing LifeRecomposing Life – August 7th-9th – Portland, OR

Recomposing Life

When permaculture curriculum was first developed there were a couple of areas that just didn’t get enough attention.  One of those areas was mycology and how the regenerative and abundantly productive nature of mushrooms factors into ecosystem and human health.  Well, that is changing as the Radical Mycology has stepped up to offer free resources, pay what you can courses and community oriented strategies for culture change.

Since the initial germination of Radical Mycology in 2006, one of the biggest goals of the project has always been to create stronger connections between amateur mycologists, activists, and grassroots bioremediators working to increase the health and resilience of their communities and environment. Over the years, the Radical Mycology Collective–an anchor point in the larger Radical Mycology movement–has strived to achieve this goal through a variety of means. With the creation and release of free media and educational videos, the group has offered simple and accessible methods for cultivating fungi for food, medicine, and the regeneration of damaged landscapes. By organizing three internationally attended Radical Mycology Convergences, the Collective has worked to build a greater sense of community amongst the many isolated pockets of mushroom cultivators and radical ecologists while simultaneously sharing the often inaccessible skills of working with fungi in a unique format. In the fall of 2014, the group went on a 3-month cross continent tour to share their knowledge and skills with over 40 different community groups and organizations. Along the way, the group discovered a strong desire amongst their collaborators and new friends to understand the fungi and integrate their gifts into the common struggle for finding better ways to live sustainably on the earth.

Course topics include:

  • Guiding principles for allying with fungi
  • Fungal biology and ecology
  • Forays in Tryon state park
  • Mushroom and lichen ID for habitat protection and cultivation
  • Low cost mushroom and mycorrhizae cultivation for food, medicine, and remediation
  • Integrating fungi into landscapes
  • The chemistry and treatment of common industrial pollutants
  • Low cost soil and water testing practices
  • Medicinal mushroom processing and intuiting
  • Mycomimicry in social organizing and self care
  • The somatic experience of fungi
  • Mushrooms as sexual beings
  • Anti-oppression work in mycology
  • Evening discussions on dark ecologies and the philosophy of fungi
  • On-site Installations
The setting for Recomposing Life will be Tryon Life Community (TLC) Farm in Portland, OR. TLC is a small farm and community that seeks to provide space for events and organizations that support the advancement of community-based sustainability and social change and the tending of resilient ecosystems. There will be limited camping available at TLC for some participants. Course leaders will attempt to find lodging for the other participants if other options are not available to them.
The cost of this course is donation-based. We suggest $300 for the entire course to cover course workbooks and other logistical costs. However, to best support the growth of a community of radical mycologists we offer this course under the banner of NOTAFLOF (No One’s Turned Away For Lack Of Funds) while still asking that you GAYAABAGS (Give As You Are Able But Always Give Something). This course is a fundraiser for Radical Mycology. Any money left over at the end of the course will be used to support Radical Mycology directly as a volunteer-run project.
As this event can only accommodate a small number of people, we are asking all those that feel called to this course to fill out an application form. From these applications we will choose a range of participants who will represent as demographically and geographically diverse of a group as possible. One’s ability to cover the suggested donation is not a determining factor in our decision making process. We welcome people of all backgrounds and experience levels to apply.

Register for Recomposing Life by clicking here.

Registration for this course closes on June 12th.

The Future of Urban Permaculture Retrofitting Is Here! Welcome to The Plant

I’ve been mulling around different business plans for retrofitting older buildings with whole systems that include integrated aquaponics, renewable energy, and waste recycling.  Well, to my great surprise and delight it turns out that a coalition of students, urban farmers, scientist, designers, and green entrepreneurs are currently underway developing such a place in Chicago!  Rather than pie in sky expensive “farmscaper” schemes the Plant is a efficient vertical farm with in an existing building that will provide cost savings, innovation, and jobs for new tenants and the community.  Cost savings, innovation, and jobs, why that sounds exactly like what the US desperately needs right now.  Check out the amazing flow diagram below to get a picture of all the systems being deployed and support this upcoming series of webisodes on the Plant via this kickstarter campaign.  I hope to see first hand the Plant and other amazing projects in the Chicago area when I arrive there with the Green Living Project mobile tour.  If you know any sweet sustainability projects in Chicago that could use some more exposure please feel free to  contact me via mobiletour(at)greenlivingproject.com

keep innovating,


Join the Crispy permaculture movement

I have this joke with my crew in Olympia that many of my closest friends aren’t quite completely punks, or aren’t quite completely hippies, they’re kind of crusty-punk-hippies, or as I like to say they’re “crispies”. Crispies obviosly know how to keep it fresh and thus are naturally attracted to permaculture and alternative, even eccentric modes of living. I think this intro to the CrIc house is perhaps also a decent intro to some downright wholesome crispy culture.
~@gaiapunk would like to thank Lamp Leee Walker for sending in this video

Lost Valley, Sol Trekker, and the Green Living Project Mobile Tour

Gaiapunk is going on the road!

@Gaiapunk standing happily by his freshly double dug garden bed

Hey folks,

Here is some is exciting news folks,  I @gaiapunk (Evan Schoepke), the editor of punk rock permaculture e-zine may be coming to your town soon.  I’m happy to announce that I just recently accepted a position as the mobile tour lead with the Green Living Project and I will be traveling the country documenting the most exciting sustainability stories and regenerative projects I can find, as well as, doing environment education presentations in schools along the way.  And if this wasn’t exciting enough I will be riding (and living) in the colorful Sol Trekker an incredible retro-fitted RV which you can learn about below.   The Green Living Project is a one of a kind sustainable media production company that truly cares about promoting the best ecological projects in the world.  They have some amazing non-profit partners such as the famed Lost Valley Permaculture Education Center which I was fortunate enough to vist recently for the first time.  I’m currently in the Portland, OR area for the next 3 weeks and will be posting my rough calendar shortly (if you want to meet up just tweet a message to @gaiapunk).  I would love to connect with people on the road or on the web as the tour progresses.   If you know of a exciting project that we should capture on our route we would love to here about it.  I also would like to give a shout out to all my supporters here at PRP e-zine, as well as my friends and family, and I promise I will to continue to provide some of the most interesting content documenting the permaculture movement to be found on the web, thank you all!


Permaculture, Sacred geometry, and natural forms

Being a permaculture nerd I love learning about the pattern language of our natural world, and so it’s no wonder that I’m also very fascinated by sacred geometry and it’s relationships to natural forms.  The flow forms pictured at left are based on the Von Kramen Vortices below and are used for water purification.   I hope you enjoy these amazing short films the first is called Nature by Numbers and second is about Garrett Lisi’s E8 theory for unified physics which I found astoundingly beautiful and I hope he eventually wins the Noble Prize for his awesome contribution to science.  If you would like to learn more about sacred geometry, pattern language, and natural forms I would highly suggest the work of Aidrian O’Connor called the Geometry of Life.  I hope to do more posts on sacred geometry and different ways in which people have incorporated it into permaculture designs in future posts.


A Little Punk Break

I just read a very funny interview with Steve Ignorant of Crass, a great permaculture oriented punk band, and so I wanted to do a little post in their honor as a break in the ridiculous amount of coverage generated by the “royal” wedding.  Why does the UK spend so much money on protecting and promoting an antiquated wealthy monarchy, why does the US not have universal health care, will these questions every be answered?  I don’t know but here is a crass video to make you feel bit better about it all and a link to a post about their permaculture efforts at the Dial House in Essex, UK.