A Review of Zen and the Art of Permaculture Design

zen-in-the-art-of-permacultureStop. Stop seeking to control. Breathe, and let go of what it is that you think that you know. Before you can find the way, you must be still, listen, and study exactly where you are, allowing your curiosity to lead you on new paths.

Zen and the Art of Permaculture Design is dedicated to letting you relax, be intuitive, and bring a new awareness to your design process. Brimming with practical questions and concise wisdom, it’s a meditation on the environment and ourselves.

Our world is full of distractions, and day by day we fill our minds with new knowledge seeking answers in the tangle of our personal, professional and social lives. It’s time to step back, observe, and ask questions again. What we perceive about our reality has a way of becoming our reality. This book is a catalyzing text for shifting your perception and exploring your inner edges.

Permaculture designers seek to find the small changes that make the biggest impacts, but sometimes the first change necessary isn’t within the landscape it’s within our own mentality. I recommend picking up this book, and the refreshing outlook it holds, as a great gift for another or for yourself.


One thought on “A Review of Zen and the Art of Permaculture Design

  1. I love this. I think it’s true that having a calm and clear mental state helps us to make smart decisions, to be sensible, to keep our efforts small, slow, and effective/sustainable. Thanks for recommending this book – I had never heard of it, so now I’ll put it on my wishlist.


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