International Permaculture Day is May 6th!

This sunday is International Permaculture Day!

Permablitz, teach ins, workshops, and films are happening all over the world from Istanbul to locally here in Olympia WA!

Find a event in your area!


One thought on “International Permaculture Day is May 6th!

  1. Dear Punk Rock Permaculture,

    My name is Noah and I am writing you as a member of Eco-Ola, a Peruvian superfood group located near Iquitos, Peru at the headwaters of the Amazon River. We recently became apprised of your blog work and thought we would share our own permaculture story in case your readers might be interested in seeing permaculture in action in Peru.

    On our land at Eco Ola we grow numerous foods including a fare of the ancient Incans, Sachi Inchi, Camu Camu, Maca, an extraordinary Peruvian Cacao in addition to a number of other crops. Our farm is a scalable project, incorporating elements of organic permaculture and agro-ecology. For us, scalability means growth without compromise. As you know, the surrounding rainforest of our farm is among the most biodiverse habitats on the planet, so we feel a profound obligation to safeguard its natural wonders through gentle practices and balanced growth.

    Our farm is also an integrated part of the surrounding community. We work together to assure the development of the local populace, many of whom are from the indigenous Yagua community. To remedy this instability, our contracts with our partner farmers exceed Fair Trade standards. To really understand the integrality of our work, please feel free to consult this recent interview with that will give you a true sense of our ideals and operations:

    If you are even more curious, here are the links to our Facebook page and website:

    We sincerely appreciate your time and consideration. You are an inspiration for our own work. Should you ever be interested in a collaboration, or if you are ever in Peru and would like to organize a visit to our permaculture farm for your followers, please do let us know.

    With kindness and appreciation,

    Eco Ola


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