Big news in US Permaculture

UMass Amherst for the win!

Beacon Park Food Forest Permaculture Design

2012 is already proving to be a outstanding year for the US permaculture movement.








After a very close nail biting contest the the University of Massachusetts Amherst Permaculture Committee won the White House ‘Campus Champions of Change Challenge‘.  I visited the Umass Amherst Permacutlture project while I was on the Green Living Project mobile tour and I let me just say it was really impressive.  There is no other collge in the country (perhaps with the exception of my alma mater Evergreen) that has such a visible commitment to Permaculture, sustainable ag, and green infrastructure.  The students at Umass Amherst are equally inspiring and deserving of all the attention their school is about to get which includes both national recognition from the White House and a show that will feature the project on MTV.

In other great news Seattle just approved a new Permaculture food forest park the first of it’s kind supported by a US municipality.  The food at the Beacon Food Forest will be free to forage and the created surplus will go to help increase fresh produce at local food pantries.   Projects like these are a great step towards educating the pubic on how to transform their city into a ecocity that values local resiliency.I hope do a interview soon with Jenny Pell who was one of the lead permaculture designers on the project and I’m looking forward to seeing more good news like this moving into spring.


One thought on “Big news in US Permaculture

  1. GIve me a call – I’d be happy to do an interview. Better yet, come on April 4th to the Longhouse on the Evergreen campus where I’ll be unveiling my design for the 2-acre Demeter Garden permaculture site on campus! DEAP, a student permaculture group hired me to do the design as a demonstration garden, so it has lots of interesting features, including a small food forest!
    Cheers, Jenny Pell


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