The Future of Urban Permaculture Retrofitting Is Here! Welcome to The Plant

I’ve been mulling around different business plans for retrofitting older buildings with whole systems that include integrated aquaponics, renewable energy, and waste recycling.  Well, to my great surprise and delight it turns out that a coalition of students, urban farmers, scientist, designers, and green entrepreneurs are currently underway developing such a place in Chicago!  Rather than pie in sky expensive “farmscaper” schemes the Plant is a efficient vertical farm with in an existing building that will provide cost savings, innovation, and jobs for new tenants and the community.  Cost savings, innovation, and jobs, why that sounds exactly like what the US desperately needs right now.  Check out the amazing flow diagram below to get a picture of all the systems being deployed and support this upcoming series of webisodes on the Plant via this kickstarter campaign.  I hope to see first hand the Plant and other amazing projects in the Chicago area when I arrive there with the Green Living Project mobile tour.  If you know any sweet sustainability projects in Chicago that could use some more exposure please feel free to  contact me via mobiletour(at)

keep innovating,



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