Permaculture, Sacred geometry, and natural forms

Being a permaculture nerd I love learning about the pattern language of our natural world, and so it’s no wonder that I’m also very fascinated by sacred geometry and it’s relationships to natural forms.  The flow forms pictured at left are based on the Von Kramen Vortices below and are used for water purification.   I hope you enjoy these amazing short films the first is called Nature by Numbers and second is about Garrett Lisi’s E8 theory for unified physics which I found astoundingly beautiful and I hope he eventually wins the Noble Prize for his awesome contribution to science.  If you would like to learn more about sacred geometry, pattern language, and natural forms I would highly suggest the work of Aidrian O’Connor called the Geometry of Life.  I hope to do more posts on sacred geometry and different ways in which people have incorporated it into permaculture designs in future posts.



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