Permaculture and the Ecology of Leadership

*cross posted from the Wonder Collective

@Gaiapunk the editor of PRP e-zine will be attending the Ecology of Leadership workshop at the Evergreen State College this Fri evening.

EOL is a one of a kind natural principal based leadership curriculum developed by James Stark and Christopher Kuntzch sponsored by the outstanding Regenerative Design Institute.

Ecology of Leadership workshops are geared toward change-seekers, nonprofit and community leaders, people in personal or professional transition, eco-social entrepreneurs, and people who long to make a difference but aren’t sure how to begin.

As EOL unfolds, you learn to integrate nature awareness, inner permaculture, and leadership skills into your daily life and larger dreams. You will begin to experience leadership as a dynamic process that translates your awareness and insights into effective action toward your goals.  Click here for more information about upcoming EOL workshops on the West Coast of the USA.


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