Financial Permaculture: 8 forms of Capital

The eight forms of captial is a excellent foundation for the concepts behind financial permaculture.  It was developed in collaboration by some of my closest permaculture mentors such as Ethan Roland, Gregory Landua, and Catherine Austin Fitts.  The primary idea behind the eight forms is that they interchangeable and dynamic.  Please enjoy this text and share it with in the businesses, organizations, and groups that you are a part of.

You can find more info about financial permaculture here.


One thought on “Financial Permaculture: 8 forms of Capital

  1. Errghh, yes, but now to the real world.

    I am sorry to say that this proposal is already kind of being implemented.

    But the end-point will not be what is intended.

    Financialization of the climate, via carbon trading, continues to expand, despite flawed markets and project failures.

    Ecosystem services are being financialized via carbon trading, forests are now “carbon sequestration products” that are already like home loans, by the same people and financial corporations, in FINANCE CAPITAL, becoming the foundation for new complex derivatives.

    Much of this is being controlled by the same financial capitalists that brought us the current financial and economic crisis.

    Its happening in shadow banking, offshore and in computerized trades between banks and other corporations.

    Spritiuality, culture etc are financialized too, its called Hollywood, organized religion.

    I am sorry to be so harsh, but this financial permaculture current of thought is so far removed from reality its a misleading and dangerous joke.

    Too many people are looking for real answers its very misleading and irresponsible to promote such nonsense.

    At least Mollison had the good sense to promote financial schemes based on real, working examples, no matter how quixotic.

    This is just Natural Capital expanded.


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