Permaculture for a post civilized lifestyle

Hey folks,

Well, if you read this e-zine regularly you probably have picked up that we like to share the works and activities of other eco radicals (not extremists), their projects, and their benefits to society.  This little zine called Into The Wake: A collective manual in progress for outliving civilization by activist, organic farmer, and author Aric McBay is a true gem.  Please check it out, and if you read it, use it, and enjoy it you can also support Aric by taking a gander at brand new book that he is a part of along side popular thought provoking authors Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith called Deep Green Resistance: strategy to save the planet.


2 thoughts on “Permaculture for a post civilized lifestyle

  1. This is a great resource, thanks for sharing it!
    I should mention that the version that you shared is in the Scribd Archive and requires you to upload something or pay a fee to download it. However, if you look on the right column there are other versions of this same document which are freely downloadable…


  2. AMAZING – thank you for posting this up; the introduction alone being exactly what I needed to read this morning, having come to a standstill whilst reading Chomsky’s “On Anarchism” and getting to the part where he regards “anarchist ideas as the proper mode of organisation for a highly complex advanced industrial society”. I much prefer Aric McBay’s “optimism”!


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