New Urban Homesteading Book!

From the Urban Homsteading Website

Urban homesteading is a growing movement in this country, part of the global re-imagining of culture on the other side of governmental indifference and corporate greed. Concerned about climate change and peak oil? Thinking about localizing your food sources? Wondering how to manage water, waste and energy better? Trying to raise your children with positive, life-centered values? Interested in community building and local self-reliance? Looking for resources for taking care of yourself while taking care of the world?

This book will answer these questions and provides an inspirational how-to and why-to for the urban homesteading movement. Richly illustrated with drawings and photographs, and featuring interviews with homesteaders “on the ground”, Urban Homesteading will give you an introduction to urban permaculture, the power of creating a personal sustainability plan for yourself and your neighborhood, and detailed how-to descriptions on the basics of do-it-yourself ecological living in the city.

Written by Rachel Kaplan with K. Ruby Blume. Photos, maps and original artwork by K. Ruby Blume. Drawings by Marco Aidala.

***Note the author of this book and other works similar to it are in a trademark dispute with the Devaeses family who I initially thought had a cool sub-urban permaculture thing going in Pasedena CA but have now come to see that they’re a bit full of themselves for trademarking terms like “Urban homestead”.  You can find more about this dispute here.


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