Permaculture Politics: GMO “EnviroPigs” are a very bad idea


Permaculture Politics:

Teams of Canadian scientist have produced genetically modified so called “enviro-pigs” to produce less phosphates in their shit.  Pig shit as you may know is a very big issue especially in the US where annually tons of waste pollute the ground water, create dead zones, spreads disease, and smells really, really bad.

Pig Waste Pollution Mitigation Comparisons: 

Permaculturalist: Less Density, more diversity (polycultures including fish), and lots of composting.

Mad Scientist (plus greenwashing investors): Oh, we will just genetically modify the pigs.

WHAT THE F***CKER have they all lost their minds.

The real solution to the issue can be found in permaculture oriented integrated farming like in the Brazilian video below:

The false solution is as silly as this video some student scientists made about it, and that is really silly!


One thought on “Permaculture Politics: GMO “EnviroPigs” are a very bad idea

  1. Dear at Punkrock Permaculture,

    I would like to know some information on permaculture disaster relief project in Haiti and translation of IDEP permaculture publication in Haitian Creole. Can you advise me who to contact?

    All the best,

    Robin Dewa, Slovenia, EU


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