New Shoply Page!

Gaia Punk Design Cooperative creates new e-store:

Gaia Punk Designs

Shoply is a great e-commerce solution for entities of all sizes and one that we’re employing with the Gaia Punk Design Co-Op which is the primary financial facilitator of the Punk Rock Permaculture E-zine.  Check out our new store page where we will be adding exciting offerings periodically, but to get things kicked off we’re featuring the Radical Mycology Zine by the Spore Liberation Front. All of the proceeds from the sale of this amazing zine will go towards making a new revised and expanded color edition including permaculture applications, a larger cultivation section, more art and interviews, as well as, bio-remediation techniques.  This expanded edtion will likely be offered through

If you haven’t already seen it please enjoy this SLF video “On the Liberation of Spores”


One thought on “New Shoply Page!

  1. Wow what an interesting video on mushrooms. I have a newfound respect for them. My sister visited a relative in Japan. After too much partying in Tokyo, she spent a few days sleeping and they rang back home a little worried about her (rightly so) my cousin’s Japanese husband went off into a nearby woodland and gathered a strange variety of mushroom and they cooked a mushroom dish for her. Makes me wonder now, did he cook it for medicinal reasons perhaps?


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