Justseeds releases radical art history masterpiece!

As a print maker, street artist, and permaculture activist working on ecological and social justice and transformation I take a lot of inspiration from Justseeds.  Based loosely in NYC, PDX and now Pittsburgh PA these folks are heroes of art that makes a impact that is why I’m happy to promote their new book in Our Little Store.

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative
Firebrands:Portraits from the Americas

Our new book published by Microcosm Publishing,Firebrands is “full of art, American history, and dangerous information. These beautifully illustrated mini-poster pages showcase radicals, dissidents, folk singers, and rabble-rousers, from Emma Goldman to Tupac, Pablo Neruda to Fred Hampton. As say editors Shaun Slifer and Bec Young in the introduction, the book is for “anyone who has sat trembling with frustration and disappointment in a history class that was neither stimulating nor inclusive. It’s for those tired of hauling to classes heavy textbooks that have been carefully removed of anything interesting or useful. It’s for all our ancestors, especially those misrepresented in those textbooks, left out because they were too brown, too female, too poor, too queer, too uneducated, too disabled, or because they daydreamed too much.” This is a real people’s history, a book packed with dynamite, desire, and above all, courage.”

Justseeds contributors include:Alec “Icky” DunnMary TremonteColin MatthesChris StainMelanie CervantesJosh MacPheeMeredith SternKevin CaplickiKristine VirsisRoger PeetMolly FairErik Ruin,Favianna RodriguezJesus BarrazaNicolas Lampert, Fernando Marti, Jesse Purcell,Dylan MinerPete Yahnke,Shaun Slifer, and Bec Young.

192 pages (178 pages with page numbers)
78 illustrations

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One thought on “Justseeds releases radical art history masterpiece!

  1. Hey its Hal from the river in Vermont!
    like the site but it will clearly take me a while to get caught up. definitely stoked to learn more about permaculture though. If your ever up in canada again look me up.


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