How Sustainable Bamboo will Help Haiti and the World

Humanitarian and Sustainable Bamboo for Haiti and beyond!


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I haven’t had much time to post because I’ve been working pretty much non-stop on a Permaculture Relief Corps mission call Perma Corps for Haiti, which has been getting a LOT of support from here and also here .  Which brings me to my next subject sustainable bamboo production! I absolutely love bamboo, in fact, I currently live in cozy and locally sourced bamboo framed yurt.  I wish to bring up the subject because RIGHT NOW there are currently around two million people homeless in Haiti, 1 million or so in Port Au Prince and another million scattered throughout the countryside.   It is very likely that in couple of weeks when when the seasonal rains begin in full force (not to mention Hurricanes) many of the tents  and encampments where displaced Haitians are housed will be completely washed out.  Haiti desperately needs cheap, permanent, sustainable housing that is hurricane and earthquake resistant ASAP and bamboo combined with Cob is the ideal locally sourced combination.  Below is a wonderful manual about Humanitarian Bamboo from the amazing IDEP foundation, as well as, my top 5 reasons bamboo rocks. This list comes with the best and most up to date links you could ever hope to find on the web regarding sustainable bamboo.  If you have any bamboo resources such as connections with bamboo plantations or builders or can offer help in anyway please email thejulianeffect(at) as Perma Corps for Haiti is looking to have teams on the ground shortly and then building structures right away.

TOP 5 Reasons That Bamboo Rocks!!!

1.)  Bamboo is a very strong, very cheap, natural, quickly renewable, highly flexible and adaptable, building material.

To see just what Bamboo can do just take a peak at this link and especially these great e-books below:

2.)  Bamboo is a ideal perennial and beneficially plant for Permaculture Design applications:

3.)  Bamboo can sequester TONS of carbon while still being regularly harvested and can drastically improve soil fertility when used as biochar!

Biochar from bamboo has a unique pore structure, making it a perfect soil structure for beneficial aerobic bacteria and fungi, resulting in crop yield gains of as much as 800-percent. It is important to mix the biochar with well-prepared compost inoculated with bacteria from undisturbed (usually nearby forest) local soils.

4.) You can eat it and it tastes amazing!

How to grow edible bamboo shoots

5.)  In Permaculture there is a saying, “Unity through intergration, intergration through diversity!” and the world of Bamboo is full of diversity.  Due to bamboo’s amazing diversity of both products and species it will be a key economic factor in helping the 2/3rds (developing) world out of poverty especially in heavily deforested regions such as Haiti.

Bamboo and sustainable economic development


13 thoughts on “How Sustainable Bamboo will Help Haiti and the World

  1. Thank you for posting, I totally agree. Bamboo rocks!
    Do you have any idea if bamboo can be grown in temperate climates like Scandinavia and Canada?


  2. Bamboo may be grown in temperate climates. However, these need to be placed with some thought as temperate varieties can be spready, unlike local (to me) which clumps.


  3. Have you ever read anything about earthbag building? I am an experienced builder and a small 8 ft dome can be erected in a matter of hours. There are many folks looking into taking this to Haiti as we speak. I am gonna be training a delegation from the University of Maryland who will travel there for their spring break.. Materials are earth, rice sacks, and barbed wire.. check out and…


  4. Hi! I really appreciate your twitter of one of my blog posts, so I popped over to see what your blog looked like. THIS IS AWESOME. I see you know about Homegrown Evolution. They’re great folks, just took a class with those two.
    Although you talk a lot about world issues/permaculture on a global scale, you should totally do a few posts on DIY stuff so that folks who want to start on the homefront can re-design their gardens, cleaning products, and lifestyle to promote the growth of local permaculture and environmentalism.


  5. I have built patios from bamboo and love working with it. Starting with 4-4 1/2 ” down to 1″ all in one structure. I am very interested in more opportunities to continue with this.


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