PRP-e zine asks Who are You?

Highlighting our precious readers….


I’m Gaiapunk,

Currently, I’m the main editor and contributor to Punk Rock Permaculture e-zine and I’ve decided it’s time to give back to all our fine readers.  I would like to highlight 2 courageous readers of this e-zine once a week by doing a little mini interview/bio and plugging whatever good work and projects they’re up to in the world.  If your a interested reader, who isn’t too bashful, and really enjoys this e-zine please leave a comment to this post with what it is you like about this e-zine and what you would like to see more of.  If you feel that is just too much work then just leave your name and that’s just fine too.  Selection will be mostly random…  don’t worry if your not chosen this week if you bug me by email I’ll choose you for next week!  Thanks everyone!


4 thoughts on “PRP-e zine asks Who are You?

  1. haha thats great you put up that picture!!! I have a bunch of primitive’ists and abos and permies coming out to my family’s land on molokai in the beginning of march to have a big ol week long skillshare and permaculture gathering extravaganza for free!!! any and everyone is invited to come and stay as long as you like. email or call fire for more info: or 808 387 1010


  2. I’m up for an interview; I’m doing urban permaculture in NC. I’m working on reskilling myself and bringing permaculture across color and class lines. Waehner ^at^


  3. I could speak about the projects going on here in Lancaster, PA. Our local Food Not Bombs has been sharing vegan food for nearly 2 years, and Lancaster Free Market has been giving away clothes, housewares, books, etc for nearly 3 years. Lancaster Skill Share Collective has put on 1 weekend long skill share festival, and theres another on the way.


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