Permaculture Knowledge Ecosystem!

How we can and must open permaculture knowledge up to hundreds languages and people all over the world and bring it from the digital dark ages!  Publishing on demand will cut out the middle men, save money, and open up content!

recommended sites working in this direction

open source ecology


2 thoughts on “Permaculture Knowledge Ecosystem!

  1. Thing is, permacultural training has been deployed as semi-residential multi-week trainings that preclude people who do not have the money nor the ability to suspend their daily lives for those weeks.

    This method seems to be the only way one can become an accredited Permaculture designer – this is a huge barrier of entry for lots of us (me for one)

    I compensate by doing real world projects on my land from concepts I learn in books and online.

    I have the luxury of having land!

    Many urban types do NOT. I propose that not only should we opensource knowledge but also deploy opensource urban collabatory spaces where people can assemble to do their own experimental work.

    These collaboratories could be dedicated zones within community gardens where permacultural principles rule the day and year. It could also be satellite locations where urban and suburban types come out to learn hands-on. For example, travel out to my land and co-develop projects here that 1) support that person’s intellectual/permacultural development 2) support the learning community 3) support our land development as a permacultural process (as in, projects can not be overwhelming or destructive in nonconsensus ways)


  2. Excellent point, which raises the counterpoint in my mind that everyone need not be a certified permie designer. However the barriers to entry as far as time and money are concerned are still valid as many urban communities could not fundraise enough capital to send even a representative to training.

    The best model would seem to be a missionary of sorts. Experts who can travel and teach.

    The other aspect the video raised was the idea of authority in authorship. What mechanism can be implemented so as to prevent the roughshod and erroneous work of someone like me from ending up in a physics textbook. How open is the information community truly. Do we allow the presence of an editorial board? What credentials would we require of our “experts?”

    Great concepts but I’d like to see more details.


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