Google limits free news

Google goes evil once again by setting limits on free news!


Disclaimer: I use many free google products  and services and I generally like them a lot .  Google just announced that it will be setting limits on the free news it indexes.  I believe this to be  one of the most disgusting Google developments in the history of the company and I’ll explain exactly why.  First they kowtowed to the giant beurreuacratic fascist government of China and now they’re kowtowing to the giant fascist companies by the names of Microsoft and News Corp.  This doesn’t help small newspapers survive and only fattens the pockets of the middle men.  Keeping information from reaching the people that need it most (the poor) and creative is a bad business strategy.  It is time for all of us who use the net to stand up and be counted against this very BAD idea!  It is our content, our activity, our sharing, our innovation, that makes money for google!  With out what we do Google is nothing so in every sense of the word THEY OWE US!!!.  Please protest on twitter by tweeting #nogooglelimits and giving them a piece of your mind.  For all of those dedicated to a free and open internets I salute you!

~evan (@gaiapunk) [tweetmeme]


2 thoughts on “Google limits free news

  1. It seems somehow Twitter is blocking the #nogooglelimits tag from the search. I can’t find anything younger than 3 days old… And none of my tweets are showing up.


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