End the marijuana prohibition! Support Hemp!

This  years Hemp Fest in Seattle was the largest pro hemp gathering in history!  Everyone knows that the only reason we can’t grow hemp legally in the US is because of the heavily funded lobbying efforts of the cotton, timber, paper, oil, and of course pharmaceutical industry.  I live in Washington state and it pains me everytime I see a logging truck with huge timbers being carried down the road destined for the paper mills.  I just get sick and so I”m posting these to videos about hemp and it’s enviromental benefits as therapy.  Even if know quite a bit about hemp I think you’ll like these videos as much as I do.  Currently, there is a good chance a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for those 21 and over and tax the sales will pass in California.  This is the upside of California’s economic woes.  You can see the inspiring story here.


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