The G20 Protesters and the new face of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA–

It seems as though Pittsburgh is either the De facto capital of the rust belt or a city in the midst of a revolutionary transformation.  In recent years Pittsburgh has become a epicenter for green building, bike paths, solar composites, and one of the professed launching pads of the new “green economy”.  This is fascinating because Pittsburgh could also be considered one of the many coal capitals of the world, and anyone who has studied the issue knows that there is absolutely no way to make coal “clean” as long as your using mining techniques such as “mountaintop removal”.  There is nothing like synthetic stench of two faced liberalism to hide the odious fact that the root of some very serious issues like housing, poverty, gentrification, and classism are not being addressed.  The city of Pittsburgh’s role during the current wholly undemocratic G20 summit is to act as a PR spin machine to distract the public from the main show of global power grabs behind the scenes and behind closed doors.

While the media is very focused on equating anarchists with terrorists, they’re also wholly ignoring the police harassment and abuse that has already taken place even before the summit.  The Seeds of Peace collective has been repeatedly attacked by the police solely because of the fact by that by bringing a bus to act as kitchen and medical support for the g20 resistance they’ve been made an obvious target.  Yesterday, the Landslide Community Farm and the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writers Guild house were raided for no plausible reasons by swarms of cops trespassing without warrants or accurate justification.  The Landslide Community Farm and the Cyberpunk Apocalypse house are centers of different type transformation happening in Pittsburgh, that of radical culture.

These centers are the works of truly earnest folks, that divide up what free time they can muster into making art, hosting cultural gatherings, giving out free food, planting permaculture food forests, building bike co-ops, fighting all forms of oppression, and re-envisioning all that has been abandoned in the shadows of steel that is the forlorn rusty spine of Pittsburgh.  Some of them are even proud to be called anarchists.  These groups and many, many, others like them are true community builders something the G20 aristocrats will most likely never understand.  Perhaps the new face of Pittsburgh is not the gilded “green” skyline for the rich but the rainbow of diversity in an urban farm for everyone.

For more info about the Landslide Community Farm visit:

For real time updates on the G20 resistance visit: pittsburgh G-finity


One thought on “The G20 Protesters and the new face of Pittsburgh

  1. It’s not “accurate justification” the cops need, it’s probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. Without further ado, here’s a simple guide for dealing with cops:

    1. Don’t engage in conversation with them. They’re not on your side. Anything you say to them can and will be used against you in a court of law. Give your name and address and nothing else. If they ask you a question, ask them “Am I free to go?”. If they say yes, then walk away; if they say no, say “I want to talk to a lawyer” and say nothing more.
    2. Never, ever consent to a search. If they ask you “Do you mind if I search your (house, car, purse, backpack)” say “I do not consent to a search” and say it loud enough so that others can hear you. If they ask to come inside your house, say no. If they come to your door, tell them to put the warrant in the mailbox, otherwise don’t open the door.
    3. They can threaten you and lie to you and tell you all sorts of stuff to scare you or deceive you or manipulate you. All of their words are lies. They’re the adversary now and they will be the adversary in court. If you have an encounter with police, get people to write down what happened and write down the date and time, maybe get pics and video if you can, and get it to a lawyer ASAP. Police will lie in court, they’ll remember things which make you guilty and forget stuff which makes their actions criminally culpable. You, on the other hand, can’t lie. If you do, it’s a criminal offense. SO DON’T TALK TO THEM. PERIOD. NO CONVERSATION, just “Am I free to go?” “I want to talk to a lawyer” “No. I do not consent to a search” and your name and address; that’s all.
    4. If you get arrested and get sent to jail, and there are people in the cell you don’t know before you came to town, don’t talk to them about what might have got you sent to jail. Anarchist theory, the weather, permaculture… just not anything remotely edgy. Same case for visitors on a phone, the cops do listen in and record these conversations, it’s just more evidence against you.

    That should be enough. Write this on your arm: DON’T TALK TO THEM. PERIOD. NO CONVERSATION, just “Am I free to go?” “I want to talk to a lawyer” “No. I do not consent to a search” and your name and address; and the contact phone for your lawyer or legal collective.


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