Permaculture and Protest

Hey folks Gaia punk here back on the attack,

Today I wanted to focus a bit on the news.  It has come to my attention that a real hero of mine Van Jones has been forced to resign from his position in the Obama administration as a special advisor to the Department of Environmental Quality because of right wing attacks of by the ignorant likes of Glenn Beck

another rascist white wacko pundit

another patriarchal rascist white wacko pundit on the airwaves

and his Army 0f misguided Screwballs.  I am both pissed off and in some weird way excited about this news.  I’m pissed off because it show the ineptness of Obama by not defending a pragmatic and dare I say radical leader like Van Jones from obvious bullshit red baiting, but I’m also happy because knowing Jones adversity will only make him stronger.  Van Jones is one a few folks in the mainstream environmental movement making the links between classism, racism, and environmental degradation and offering genuine solutions to all three.  There is a war on common sense going on, a war against new ideas, and folks involved in permaculture need to step up their efforts of building community resilience and promoting real ecological alternatives.  I promise as the faithful editor of prp e-zine to fight and fight hard!  Are you with me?

In other news permaculture is hitting many college campuses including Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, Warren Wilson College in Ashville, NC, and the USC in South Carolina.  All three campuses have installed some form of permaculture garden or edible landscaping and are in some way increasing permaculture education with in the mainstream academic sphere, and that’s good news.  Below are some nice photos…

my kind of dorm

my kind of dorm at Warren Wislson

USC permaculture landscaping   photo: Jonathan Sharpe

USC permaculture landscaping photo: Jonathan Sharpe

Evergreens everchanging Permaculture garden

Evergreen's ever-changing Permaculture garden


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