Heroes Profile: Will Allen leader in Urban Farming



Will Allen has been a big hero of mine for a while now.  Just recently the big media has doled out some much deserved credit with stories on his outstanding  work on urban farming and urban aquaculture two critical areas of sustainability for cities.  The benefits of Urban farming are numerous and obvious (increased biodiversity in the city, increased freshness and nutrition, education opportunities, decrease in shipping cost and hence fossil fuels) but urban aquaculture is less apparent until you understand a bit about the nutrient cycle or seen it in action.   Besides aquaculture Allen also employs vermiculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, composting, and water management in a closed loop system.  If you want to learn how you can set up your own DIY aquaculture system on the cheap see this post.  To learn more about Will Allen’s revolutionary work and the entire inspiring group he works with vist Growing Power and watch the film series below.  It is time put the “us” back in industry and food is a great place to start.


3 thoughts on “Heroes Profile: Will Allen leader in Urban Farming

  1. hi there,
    we, a group of anarcho-punks-squatters in amsterdam, squatted a vacant lot to start a sustainible living group and declared it a freestate. In the middle of a city, behind a flimsy fence we now have a perfect showcase garden of sustainable living. We sleep in caravans, build a little straw bale house for a living room/kitchen, have a compost toilet, and grow veggies. We collect neighbourhood kitchenscraps and han out compost. we regularly give workshops in gardening sustainable living, and organise info-nights about all kind of subjects. check out the english version of our blog!
    tierra y libertad!


  2. If you’re serious about all your beliefs about non-hierarchical systems and appreciation of people, you should look more closely at how growing power is run. You won’t be impressed. Remember, Will Allen was a marketer for Proctor and Gamble before doing this…


    • I’m sure growing power is set up in traditional non-profit structure which is not entirely democratic at all. But, few folks have done more work in the US on urban farming and urban aquaculture as Will Allen. The guy gets up every bright and early morning and works hard as a farmer and a education. He even wears the same blue sweatshirt every day, now that’s dedication!


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