What 2012 means to me>>>>!

Permaculture and the great renewal…

This is not a dooms day post about the world ending at all but rather a post about our many evolutions, the great power of synergy, and esspecially of compassion.  2012 is not only about a great astrological alignment as perdicted by the mayan calender not seen for over 25,000 years in which our solar system will be in line with the exact meridian and center of the Milky Way Galaxy, but also a alignment of human beings with a new positive intention for the planet.  In my mind is a vision of huge numbers of people working harmoniously together and cooperating as a united but diverse global force for good.  This is just so much doom out there about 2012 it is hard find anything reliable unless you know what your looking at.  I like this animated video below because it’s easy to understand and very nicely gives you the idea.  It is up to each of us to create as much interconnective sharing as possible as creative enegry sparks a new conciousness emerging all over the world.  Digital media and mobile technology are making this even easier to facilitate, but most importantly, we have to connect with our hearts to our work and those we work with and love.  Please comment if this video ressonates with you or anyone you know in anyway or if you just think it’s hippy dippy b.s.  I would still want to know …..Gaia punks unite!


3 thoughts on “What 2012 means to me>>>>!

  1. Great post and I totally agree, the potential positivity of the 2012 prophecies/phenomena is far from being mainstream. Fear not, however, what’s going to happen will happen (perhaps it already has). The important thing is for each of us to do our parts to make life sustainable beyond 2012 and to see the true potential of all of Earth’s species.


  2. Yes, I agree but don’t under estimate the power of ceremony from the Elders. It’s how we create with our intention and we’re all starting to link up and we’re creating our world with our thoughts and actions and collaborating!!! It’s about the power of love, in fact love is all there is, trying to block it hurts, that’s how things got screwed up. Take heart, The Mayans are alive and well an just now allowed to share all they know. 3 million strong in 7 Mayan nations. Learning together is powerful. It’s the beginning not the end. The calendar you speak of is about attuning to the vibration of the real world, the music in your soul and all life all around you that sings the song of life, not an artificial time clock. The calendar is a tool for each soul to beallucanbe to sing your own beautiful song you are inside already. You are perfect already. Know there is a perfect divine infant inside you and nurture that part of you to come out. There is no reason for disease. Every thought grows, grow your beautiful self. Have confidence in yourself. That’s what this age taught, now it’s time for a new age and 2012 is the turning point. We’ll be 1/2 way through void across the milky way lining up with the center. We need to get it by then as a community of the Mother Earth to create harmony with her. You are all already doing it. Your thoughts will create very rapidly now so it’s okay to get help from your elder brothers and sister who are living love. It’s time to live the world you dream of in your heart, no time to worry, we’re 1/2 way there.
    http://sacredtime260.ning.com/ http://www.mayanmajix.com/TZOLKIN/index.php


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