Gaia Punks in Toronto

Enough is Enough….

I’ve been kickin’ it tough lately in Toronto, ON Cananda for the

the Question of Sustainability Conference

foucused on the horrific practices of Canadian based mining companies at home and abroad and alternative solutions to destructive extractive industries.  I’ve had such great time working and volunteering with some good friends who are members of the Beehive Design Collective and who have been key helping to organize this important conference on the horrible practices and biased treatment of the Canadian (really multinational) mining industry.   Toronto is a great community with lots of diversity, services and activities, good public transit (oh and did I mention good beer).  But Toronto is also home to Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) which is the only stock exchange in the world where you can trade shares in mineral futures that may never see production because of legal, financial, or environmental challenges.  The TSE obviously facilitates speculization and although Canadian banks haven’t been hit as bad by the financial crises stemming from the housing bubble it is quite likely them may be hit very hard in the near future by the mining bubble.  Toronto is also home to the worlds largest gold company Barrick Gold which has been stepping on indigenous rights everywhere it goes and has recently been implicated in human rights abuses and even murder in Tanzania.  To learn more I encourage you to check out

Tonight I will be attending a workshop given by Faviana Rodriguez  who is one of my most favorite printmakers and street artists.  Faviana is a inspiration, a woman who not only makes beautiful images that speak of peoples struggles, but who in everyway is commited to those struggles with the soul of her being.  Please see her amazing prints Here 


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