Salmonella……..and permaculture?

                OY VE…

Hey folks Gaia punk here:

While in Costa Rica I tried a new body cleanse fad it’s called  Salmonella poisoning which I came across at a small art and music festival  in Ohochal (and I didn’t even have the chicken!)….  I was down for a good week or so but my spirits stayed strong at least.

Well I though this would be a good opportunity to highlight 5 reasons you should have a medicinal herb garden and make your own tinctures.  Oh, and if you ever get Salmonella eat lots of garlic and yogurt and ginger once you can hold things down that is.


1.) It’s fun and easy way to take care of yourself and your community!

2.) It’s cheap and effective…. why do we spend so much money to get antibiotics that only cause more harm to ourselves and the environment

3.)  You can be a store for beneficial ancient knowledge.

4.)You’ll make more friends and keep them healthy.

5.)  Your medicinal herb garden  can be a place of spiritual and emotionally healing as well.

herbs not lawns!!

herbs not lawns!!




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