Obamas to plant South Lawn of the W.H.

The New Victory Garden….


The new Victory Garden

The new Victory Garden

Just announced this New Victory Garden is a huge sucess for local food systems advocates as well as the tens sthousands of campaigners for the idea from Eat the View and Kitchen Gardeners International.  If you haven’t already started sheet mulching get to it.  Food NOT Lawns!!!

You can see the full article here


2 thoughts on “Obamas to plant South Lawn of the W.H.

  1. love the blog, but please, there should not be an apostrophe in “Obamas” if it is meant as the plural of Obama (in reference to the family and not just the man.) The apostrophe would only be for possessive (and in plurals is after the s, as in “the Obamas’ garden) or as a contraction of “Obama is”, as in “Obama is to plant South Lawn”, but I don’t think that’s what you meant. I may sound anal about it, but I firmly believe that apostrophes should be done right.


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