Gaia Punks in Costa Rica II

A little Providence….

Cob Building with Sun Ray Kelly!

Just 4 days before I left for Costa Rica I casually picked up a book at my favorite local bookstore (Last Word Books) and as is my habit started flipping through it.  This book was entitled                          

Sun Ray Kelly

Sun Ray Kelly


Builders of the Pacific Coast      

It featured some of the most amazing natural building I had ever seen.  The work of Sun Ray apprentice of  fammed cob master Ianto Evans was esspecially amazing and I wished that I would have the opportunity to learn from such a inspiring artisan, architect, and craftsman, but then Icyni saddly thought fat chance of that happening.  Little did I know that my wish would be granted half way through my permaculture design course at True Nature Community when one evening I was walking up to the balcone and there, as if by divine providence, was a smiling and radiant Sun Ray.  Later our class was able to pitch in on amazing spiral temple/house cob dome project in the La Florida area.  Here are some pics and a short video (forgive the feet filming)….

Cob templecob temple










gaia punks

bamboo framing

cob goddess












2 thoughts on “Gaia Punks in Costa Rica II

  1. Was he by any chance building this house for a woman named Radha? My friend is in Costa Rica in a small community right now, and said that he was there building a house that she was able to help with. I am just wondering if it’s possible that this could be the same place!


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