Who are you?

permie punx unite!

permie punx unite!

We want to know….

So you may know a bit about Permaculture and the inspiration behind this e-zine or maybe you don’t, but we would love to learn more about you.  Please if you would, leave a comment about what brought you here and perhaps a bit about yourself and your interests.  Describe as much or as little as you wish.  You could also leave a link that you believe would be of interest to PRP e-zine, or if you have any advice or something you want to see here we would love to know.  Thanks

~ the Punk Rock permaculture contributors 

P.S. : We are always seeking new contributors if that is your bag…


9 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. This is all brilliant. Really exciting. I’m a 19 year old keen learner of permaculture and I’m currently studying on an art foundation in england. For my final major project I’m exploring permaculture! After this year I’m wanting to do a diploma over here in permaculture.
    Would be great to hear if you know of any really active permaculture artists!
    Keep up the good work,
    Feel free to get in touch


  2. Its funny cuz I had a blog over on blogger named punkrock permaculture a while back. But I composted that one and began again. What you are doing is awesome. I will be back. We are over on the big island in hawaii. its like permaculture heaven over here. Just started a new project to create a community farm at my kids school.
    And we homestead on 5 acres, totally off grid. This inspires me to document our work more. I sometimes forget other people are into this too.


  3. Hey, thanks for this opportunity. I am a 20 year old gardener and small-scale farmer, practicing permaculture, forest gardening, seed saving, foraging, most importantly, rewilding. I write a blog with my friend/neighbor, The Lazy Gardener (www.thelazygardener.net), and we are putting together a consultancy operation to design and implement low input and low capital systems. You may also like to know that here in Southeastern Michigan, a large group of people (16-25) are active in permaculture and ecology, with more and more joining the pack as time unfolds.

    Also, we frequently post photographs on our flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/thelazygardener/


  4. nice website, just thought id pass on this information;

    sustain ability now, call 15034384093. (2nd floor city repair 3125 e. burnside) email johndoe91269@yahoo.com for info

    wednesdays at 4:30 (guerrilla gardening thursdays at 4:30)

    you want to live in a green world, but dont think that recycling is enough. this course will be a skill share for people to come together and share their ideas about simple living, and creating our own DIY resources. each one teach one. there will be room for discussing ideas and creating the tools and instruments to implement portable green living sytems.

    bike power
    bike carts
    wind energy
    solar energy
    earth energy
    fire energy
    permaculture arts
    rustic design
    Suggested Materials:
    you name it, we’ll use it.


  5. Hi PermieBoi this is Jorie logging in from Venezuela. I wanted to say hi and send you a link that I think is great if you haven´t already seen it… http://www.eattheview.org/.
    Sign the petition to get Obama to return the white house lawn into a food garden! Yeyah, that would be such good encouragement for the country.
    How do you know the Criss Cross circus? Thems my friends from Hampshire and on of the kids, Kyle, is my friend who I told you you remind me of.
    I hope your travels are beautiful and I´ll see you back in the Northlands soon.


  6. Hi there!
    I just started reading this bloga couple days ago, it’s really great!
    I’m Andrew, an illustration student from canada. For a couple years now i’ve had a real interest in deep ecology, permaculture, and basically finding new, effective ways to do things.
    I want to see cities become something that we haven’t seen before.


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