Bamboo Yurts RULE!

So I’m currently in process of constructing a locally sourced bamboo framed yurt.  Right now I’m working on the latice and hope to have the entire yurt finished by the end of Feb.  Look for upcoming instructional posts on DIY bamboo yurt construction.  I have been a fan of yurts especially bamboo framed for a while now the reasons are simple: yurts sustainable, cost effective, mobile, simple, low impact, and just plain cool.  Please check out for some sweet eco shelter designs and my previous post all that bamboo can do!

Sustainable shelter

Sustainable shelter

Oh and if building your house out of bamboo wasn’t cool enough for you check out the video below of some MIT folks who have ideas for living tree houses.


6 thoughts on “Bamboo Yurts RULE!

  1. hell yeah! i look forward to seeing yr yurt and building instructions!

    also, unrelated, i thought you’d enjoy this zine, DIGGING FOR REVOLUTION – “a vegan-organic punk gardening classic.” it’s not formatted to print at a zine, but all the pages are there:


  2. I am currently also clearing out a forested area on a certified organic farm to build a Bamboo made yurt.The one problem that I had was figuring out what to use for a center ring so I found that I could use a Steel wagon wheel made by the Amish. It’s easy, start bu drilling north, south east and west 1 inch holes in it then equally measure out holes between those holes you should have 12 to 16 holes for the bamboo roof poles to fit into. Second issue was how to stop the 1 inch bamboo poles from sliding into the wagon wheel farther and collapsing the roof. The design that I came up with is using 3 inch bamboo slid over the 1 inch and back about 3 inches making a bamboo bump up. As far as the covering I am using Army duct heavy canvas tarps and a second layer on PVC tarp over them all army grade. The flooring may end up being 2 inch river rock, 1 inch river rock, pee gravel and a whole lot of sand watered and compacted down to create a sement type of serface; remember it’s a certified organic farm so I can’t use Portland cement.


  3. HI there, just found your blog while researching bamboo yurts, loved the video on the tree houses and can’t help but think our landscape and planet are being damaged as much by the insurance companies and planning boards as by our reliance on fossil fuels. Houses that have to face the road rather than facing south to optimise solar gains. Planning restrictions that are based on the insurability of a home rather than its benefit to the landscape and building codes that are based more on making mass production easy than actual efficient use of natural materials.

    Would still like to see some pics of the yurt if you have any.


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