Furthuring Anarchism in your Garden

Natures wonder grass (not canabis suprisingly)

Nature's wonder grass (not cannabis suprisingly)

A little note about wheat grass:

Permaculture is all about using resources effectively and one resource we all must use effectively is money. Trips to the dentist are often prohibitively expensive and too often our teeth suffer do to this fact.  Personally, I’ve been concerned about the condition my teeth are in lately and was surprised to learn last year that chewing and drinking pressed wheat grass can actually help you regrow damaged teeth.  This is because wheatgrass is highly alkaline and contains ample calcium and phosphorous these combinations help create dentin and enamel building blocks of your teeth.  Wheatgrass can be bought and cultivated easily just to remember to water regularly, and besides being good for your teeth wheatgrass brings you energy and revitalizes your immune system.  It’s natures natural rejuvenatory!

Check out this link below for more cool little ways to be self and community sufficient through your garden!

Gardening as a Anarchist Plot

 Wheatgrass wiki


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